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Egyptian Cat

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About this item

Statue of the Cat Goddess: The goddess of Bust, also known as Bust or Bust, is widely known today as the "Cat Goddess". Bast is a favorite Egyptian Mau goddess. To protect women, childs, cats and those who care for them, it can bring the mystery of Ancient Egypt mythology into the home or office.

Create an Atmosphere: This religious sculpture fills your favorite space with inspiration and positive energy. Legend has it that she rode through the sky with her father, the powerful sun god Ra, to protect him from enemy attacks. Now, you can pay homage to the Oriental Goddess, the Rising Sun Goddess and the holy psychic eye in your own space.

High Quality Materials: Embrace the charming symbolic and profound significance of the cat goddess Bast with this carefully designed statue. It is made of high-quality resin and exudes elegance, powerfully reminding people of mythological stories and her sacred protection of her father, the sun god Ra. Add a touch of ancient wisdom and spirit to your living space with this stunning work.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Decorate your living room, bedroom, or office with this magnificent statue of Bath. With its outstanding state and attention to detail, it is not only an excellent addition to any series, but also a perfect gift for any occasion. Decorate it on a table, shelf, or display cabinet.

Symbolism: This elaborate Buster statue pays homage to the highly respected cat goddess in Egyptian mythology. Its sturdy structure ensures durability and seamlessly integrates with any decorative style, creating a mysterious and retro atmosphere for your home or office.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mozell Rosenbaum

Very nice. Good quality. :)

Linda Kub

It's very beautiful.

Darrin Anderson

correct item. looks really nice . fast delivery.

Sasha Kling

The statuette is super, even though painting small elements and imperfect. Packed in general well, came in whole.

Franco Kunze

Beautiful and heavy ornament pieces

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